You Completed the #StrategicStory Masterclass!


The ground you’ve covered in just 5 days:

Day 1: Choose What They Do Next Great stories don’t come out of nowhere. Great stories are shaped, edited, and rehearsed. More importantly, they are designed to influence the exact action you want your listener/audience to take.

Day 2: Write a Draft The most important data point in your whole message is you, and the most influential argument you can make is to share why you care about the work you do. By getting your listener to connect to you, you get them to connect to your message.

Day 3: Shape Your Story Every story has a Beginning, a Middle, and an End. But to get more value from these familiar terms, let’s think of them as a Hook, a Scene, and a Point. Shaping your story based on these 3 parts will make your story more motivating and memorable to others.

Day 4: Test and Edit The simple truth is: you can’t think your way to a good story. You have to tell it and see how people react. Not only can you get the benefit of feedback – you can edit your story in advance by including the 4 key elements of a great story.

Day 5: Practice and Share You’ve spent time editing and incorporating feedback. Now it’s time to practice in front of live audiences. I’m not talking about going to open mics. I’m talking about using your new story at your next presentation, in your next conversation, or sharing it with me!

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