Become A

Paid Presenter

Do you want to make money through speaking?

If you are interested in:

Growing your business

Raising your profile

Expanding your audience

Increasing your confidence

Sharing your story

Making an impact


Earning more money…

Speaking allows you to do all of these things at once!

A Paid Presenter is:

an experienced and strategic communicator who knows exactly how to build trust and inspire instead of inform.

an individual paid by the event organizer or by the audience they win over in order to sell their product or service or message.

an entrepreneur who speaks to promote and grow their business, or an employee who presents to bring in business for their organization.

which area?

If you have a specific goal for your speaking, or you have a challenge not mentioned above, you’re welcome to book a free coaching session with me. 

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Speaking completely transformed my life for the better, and I truly hope it changes yours!

Being a paid, professional speaker has given me the opportunity to:

  • make more money in an hour than I used to make in months.

  • travel the country and meet amazing people everywhere I go.

  • increase my confidence and stop hiding my desire to serve.

  • make a direct and meaningful impact in the lives of others.

  • develop an amazing community of friends, clients, and collaborators.

  • get access to big-deal people I’d have never met otherwise.

  • have remarkable flexibility over when I work and where I work.

  • own my own story and use it to empower others and myself.

  • have a profound sense of purpose and gratitude.

  • feel certain I have done something with my life I can be proud of.

Speaking completely transformed my life for the better, and I’m passionate about speaker coaching because:

Speaking is the most effective way to introduce people to your message or product or service.

Speaking is the holy grail of marketing – you have direct access to your ideal prospects with an expressed interest in your focus area.

Speaking is an art you can dedicate yourself to that will change how you think about yourself, how others see you, and put you on a path of continuous learning, gaining more and more fulfillment the further you go.

Speaking also pays well!

I’ve coached: Authors, Athletes, Experienced and Aspiring Speakers, Coaches, Introverts, Public officials, Advocates, and Experts anxious about public speaking, to name just a few!

I’d love to help you overcome

Unpaid Presenter Syndrome™,

stand out in a sea of experts,

and go from overlooked to overbooked!